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i folks…a little review of our anniversary-party:


We are still in awe – what an amazing party! Packed house, excellent lights and sound, delightful musicians and an awesome crowd from all over Europe…what a night!!! For the band, it was very emotional and nostalgic to have all our ex-members of NH back on stage. Thanks Jürgen Peisker, Don Jensen, Harry Hubrich, Joe Hawkins and Matthias “Matze” Braun. Also a big “Thank you” to the wonderful “Pushing Up The Daisies”, Zina Höbel and the fantastic Shady Sheha!


Thank you to Kalle Kessler and his team for the amazing sound/lights and the fantastic video-show…YOU’RE THE BEST!


Thanks to the Sportverein Rammelsbach, to the sponsors and to YOU, the fans and friends of NightHawk. Without YOU we would be nothing!!!
















And then all the presents we’ve got…unbelievable! Cakes, meat, chocolate, beer, whiskey from all over Germany!!


A big “thanks” to the company Leyser Elektrotechnik and the mayor of Rammelsbach, Thomas Danneck who made this party logistically feasible!


We can’t forget our Jenny for all her help, the merchandising-ideas and everything else she did for us with her husband, Christian, and his company PIRROT over the years. Last, but not least to our Country-DJ Rainer Pech for the moderation!


We love you ALL!


By the way…Christmas is coming, so when you’re shopping around for some nice presents take a look in our Web-Store here… You’re sure to find something special!


Dear friends…we will see you soon during the 21st NightHawk-Year!





Hi girls and boys,


summer is here; even though the weather isn’t cooperating. We are still working on our new album. Tons of effort so far, but not quite at the finish line... We will have new T-shirts when we go on tour this September with the album; "It's On!" Want all our creative fans to help us with design ideas, so get the word out and send your suggestions to (info@nighthawkband.com). We will have nice prizes for the winner. Come on Folks, show us how creative you are!


Next weekend on the 9th we will be up near Berlin in Friedersdorf (www.countryfest-friedersdorf.de). We will rock the stage Saturday with our friends, The Lennerockers. It will be nice to be back in the Berlin-Area!

Saturday the 23rd of July, we will be playing at the Westerwald Festival with hosts Truck Stop. Lots of great LIVE entertainment on stage the whole weekend (www.westernwald.de).


We are very excited to see you all there and hope for summer-weather. Stay tuned!







Hello NightHawk Fans,


Last Saturday, we kicked off our 2017 season with a fun gig in Solingen.  The folks at the Dodge Ram Ranch had us on-stage at their grand opening where they were showcasing all the new 2017 models; oh yeah, lots of HEMI’s in Germany!  Thanks to the Stamm Family and everyone else who helped make this a great weekend.


This year marks the 20th year of NightHawk debauchery.  We are celebrating this milestone in Rammelsbach on 28 October 2017.  Past members of the band will join us on-stage to relive the good old days.  More information on ticket sales and local accommodations will be posted soon, so stay tuned!


IT’S ON, the video was released this weekend and received over 1,000 views on YouTube the first day.  There have been 100 shares on FaceBook too!  Thanks for all your support in bringing attention to our craft, Y’all..!


First of April we start filming our next video at the Kazabra Club in Kaiserslautern, which will be released a month or two later. Promise!!!


March 11th 2017 will be our next full concert in the local area, so come out to see us in Godelhausen!  We are looking forward to seeing you all..!








Hi Hawkerz,


It's hot... and it's getting hotter! From now on we will start the pre-ticket sale for our big anniversary party in Rammelsbach on 10/28/2017, at 7.00 pm. You can order your tickets here on our website. We also have 4 pre-sale shops in the area: Restaurant Cepik's in 66885 Altenglan, Genussladen in 66885 Altenglan, EDEKA-Markt Ney in 66885 Altenglan, and travel agency Wirtz in 66869 Kusel. 600 tickets are available... order your tickets NOW !!!

Hotels in the area we recommend:     Hotel Burgblick   -   Hotel Saar   -   Hotel Remigiusland


















But first, we will play more awesome gigs all over Europe. This weekend, we are in Bernshausen at a hot festival starting at 9:30pm, on July 8th we will play a show and shoot our new video at the Kazabra-Club in Kaiserslautern (you are all welcome to join us), on July 21st we play a private party in Warmensteinach, on July 22nd we rock a festival in Slovakia, on July 28th festival at Bostalsee, on August 4th we're in Steinbourg, France, then on to Grafenwöhr August 6th, on the 12th of August you can see us at another big festival in Kaunitz..!



Come and celebrate with us ... OUR PARTIES only work with YOU!


Hello Hawkerz,


the sun is shining…spring is coming…WHAT A FEELING! Let’s start our Open-Air season this Sunday April 2th in 66885 Altenglan. We’ll play in the afternoon from 2 until 3 o’clock, sitting relaxed on bar stools.


We’ve got some new great gigs for 2017 and more are coming. Watch our tourplan!


Don’t miss it…our 20th-anniversay-party October 28th in Rammelsbach. More Informations about this party you’ll get in 2-3 weeks (tickets, hotels…)!


Sorry, we had to cancel our planned filming for our new Video first of April in the Kazabra-Club in Kaiserslautern. We will get a new date soon and we’ll let you know for shure!


Enjoy the sun folks…jump on your bikes, your steel-horses, in your convertibles!


See ya!   The Boyz



Hey NightHawk Fans!


Spring is here and we are so pumped up! This Saturday (April 2nd) at the Live Buhne in Godelhausen marks the start of our 2016 concert season. Our friends from the band Roll ‘n’ Rock will be warming up the night for you too..! In other strategic news, we are still working hard on the new album in our studio, which features mostly original songs written by James. We will also feature a couple well-known covers and songs written by friends of ours. It’s On, Stray Bullet, The Bad, Lucky, Pasomade, Somebody’s Baby, and Saddle Up are just a few of the titles you’ll find on our project to be released early this summer.

To round out the year in September, we will hit the road for a weeklong tour through Germany and Austria to promote the new album. Hope to see you all out there! Be sure to check in with us on our website and Facebook page often to keep yourselves updated on all the NightHawk Newz.


See you guys on Saturday!!!



Hello NightHawk-Friends,


WELCOME to the new NightHawk WEBSITE! Our very own Dirk Steinhauer spent weeks working on it to refresh our look for you. A big THANK YOU for that, Dirk!


Tons of stuff going on in these days..! Take a look at the pics of our new rehearsal room. We are still working hard to make it a comfortable environment to be creative as we work on new original songs 2016 album! It’s On, y’all!!!

Our tour dates for the year are filling up every day. We are also planning a weeklong tour starting September 10th. One gig each night in a different European town, which is new for us…and for you.


That’s it for today…take a look here at our new page; enjoy it. Hope to see y’all at our next concert in Godelhausen (Apr. 4th) at the "Live Bühne"!


See ya!

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